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Eating Disorders


Our work in eating disorders has resulted in successful treatment for many clients. Email like the one below, from a bulimia client, is quite normal.


"Hi Rob,


I’d like to share with you the realization I had about a week
ago. My fiancee and I went to Houston for my sisters wedding and had an
unbelievable time. It was really a beautiful ceremony and a great party
with friends and family. The day after the wedding we all went to my
sister’s for a family barbeque. There was so much left over wedding cake
and my sister put it upon the family to make sure that it was finished by
the time we left. I sort of laughed with Joel, and thought about the time
in my life when I thought that I could never eat cake yet alone enjoy it.
I then realized that it had been exactly one year since I had engaged in
any sort of bulimic activity… 365 days!! … I remember when I would come to
your office and have to come back the next day to for the reassurance and
support to not be bulimic for just 1 day! Joel and I had a moment of
celebration about how far we had come together. I thought it would be
strange to celebrate this without mentioning it to you, as you are THE
reason that I am where I am today. You have given me a new perspective on
everything. It terrifies me to think of where I would be in my life had we
not had the opportunity to see you and get advice from you.




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