General Rates

Basic Rates:

We charge Can $140.00 an hour when you book and pay for 5 one hour sessions.

We charge Can $157.50 an hour when you book and pay for 3 one hour sessions.

We charge Can $185.00 an hour when you book a single one hour session.


Our Quit Smoking program is priced at $395 plus 5% GST.


Rates for working with Rob Hadley Cht :


For clients wishing to work directly with Rob Hadley we charge Can $325 an hour and require five payments in advance.


Our rates for working with addiction are listed here:





Please note: Wwe do not offer a discount rate on Quit smoking sessions. We may do so when the tobacco companies start giving discounts.

Our good friends at Revenue Canada insist on us charging your 5% GST.

We do charge for sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment time.

Clients of Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. are tracked for five years following their treatment. This process allows you to let us know if the treatment should require follow up, or if there are changing circumstances around your continuing good health. Additionally it allows us to build the first trully comprehensive database of hypnotherapy effectiveness.


Curious why we out perform every other hypnotherapy practice in BC? Well, one reason is that a big part of our success is based on the rapport that is created between client and therapist. By having a choice of the top hypnotherapists in BC - all of whom work at Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. - we're able to match you with the most suitable therapist.


Learn more about our therapists below.



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