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The Corporate Plan

The goal of the Corporate Plan is to provide a vehicle to support companies with staff requiring psychological reinforcement in a caring and effective manner. This is provided in a professional framework. Corporate clients receive the benefit of 24 hour support, exactly the same as personal clients.


We have worked with senior staff in many top Vancouver companies, and welcome the opportunity to extend our services to you and your staff.


Corporate clients are generally interested in (though not limited to):


  • Management of workplace stress
  • Confidence in presenting and pitching for new business
  • Non smoking therapy

Many clients we see either own their own business, or are senior VP’s. They are at the forefront of their fields. Often they remark how they wish there was a method to provide their staff with the services we offer.


The Corporate Plan is our response to this requirement.


Generally (though not always) hypnotherapy is not covered by extended healthcare plans. This seems to be changing a little, as notably Blue Cross and Manulife are becoming a little more open minded. Anti-smoking hypnosis sometimes seems to be allowed. Some stress management from time to time gets through.  It seems to be down to the individual plan manager at the insurance company.


With this in mind, we created the Corporate Plan. This is a system whereby you can offer your Human Resources Director the option to provide hypnotherapy to staff members (or their families) at their discretion. This may be to cope with workplace stress, or anxiety, or perhaps to increase their confidence in presenting to clients. Perhaps you have a staff member with a specific issue that needs to be addressed. Sometimes it will simply be to help stop smoking. The benefits are impressive. They are also tax deductible, as it is billed as ‘training’.


When your staff are well cared for, they work more efficiently. Less smoke breaks quickly result in more productivity.

Here’s how it works. 

You put Vancouver Hypnotherapy on a monthly retainer, according to company size (see the table below). This runs for a minimum of three months. This provides you with a level of coverage – a number of hours you or your staff can use each month. It also guarantees your staff ‘front of the line’ treatment. Additionally, as a premium client,  the service is always billed at the lowest rate on our books. 

If the monthly usage exceeds your prepaid allowance, a bill is sent to your company at the end of the month. If you do not use your monthly allocation, your allowance is carried forward to the following month. You retain the hours that are unused and these can be redeemed whenever you wish. So, you are basically buying an insurance that provides you with coverage until you choose to use it. 

At the end of the year, any unused allowance is carried forward to the next year. The basic monthly retainer is payable on the first of the month to be covered.

Why would you do this? 

  • To provide your staff with a line of support that will help their well being and ultimately increase their productivity. Reducing staff turnover and managing workplace stress is a winning formula for most companies. Additionally it gives you an opportunity to head off trouble before it develops into a problem.

  • You lock into a standard rate regardless of whether your staff come during the weekend or after hours (times usually charged at substantially higher rates).

  • It can be cheaper to address the issues than to replace staff. An employee that feels you have helped them is substantially more useful than an ex employee who has to be replaced.

Our service does include 24 hour phone support. If you are concerned about a staff member, this provides a level of support which can make the difference between a small problem and a disaster.

How is this tax deductible?
In this instance the service is billed as ‘Staff Training’.

What is the process to make this work?

Your human resources staff contact us when a staff member needs support, and we then contact your staff member. We report back regarding the number of hours they require and we proceed from there. This option gives you a mechanism to support staff without compromising your relationship with them as an employer.


How much does it cost?

Corporate Rates
Company Size Monthly Retainer Basic sessions per month
<15 Employees $875 5
<25 Employees $1400 8
<50 Employees $2800 16

For larger companies please contact Rob.

Retainers are billed monthly in advance on the first of each month and can be paid by credit card.

Please call if you have any questions.

Rob Hadley

604 484 0346

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