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Our therapists share a common desire to deliver effective solutions for our clients. Each therapist is chosen through a rigorous selection routine, and has proved themselves leaders in their field. They have beaten out other applicants for a space in the leading hypnosis clinic in Canada. All our therapists are certified by The Technical Hypnotherapy Association.

Each therapist is competent in a range of hypnosis styles, including Ericksonian, rapid induction techniques and Technical Hypnotherapy techniques. Some of our therapists also have experience working with yogic hypnosis techniques as well as experimental trance work.

When you work with Vancouver Hypnotherapy you are working with therapists that lead their field. Selection to work at Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. is a coveted position for therapists to find themselves in.

Therapist profiles:


therapist rob
Rob Hadley
Founder of Vancouver Hypnotherapy, and a recognized authority in the use of hypnosis to overcome addiction, eating disorders and anxiety issues. He currently trains advanced hypnotherapists in the use of hypnosis techniques and works with clients in his areas of specialization.
therapist kary blaney
Kary Blaney

As lead therapist at Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc., Kary has overseen the treatment of several thousand clients. Her broad experience makes her one of the most prolific and experienced hypnotherapists in Vancouver.


therapist svetlana
Aigin Larki BA, MEd, RCC
Aigin Larki holds a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. She is member in good standing with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (membership# 15256). Aigin is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and has been providing counselling and hypnotherapy since 2008. 
therapist rob
Angie Bender
Angie’s ability to address core issues directly and engage with clients at a fundamental level has helped her to find a valuable position at Vancouver Hypnotherapy. Angie’s powerful and confident style of hypnosis is ideal suited to clients with a strong physical nature. She continues to provide clients with valuable support.



We have a total of 6 practicing therapists. Each therapist is unique and brings talents that contribute to the company. All have been tested and excelled in hypnotherapists highest examination level – Technical Hypnotherapy Association’s Gold Standard Case Studies Review Award.


The following table includes links to our therapists websites. These sites often give a good insight into the therapist. You may choose to approach them directly. That's ok, but please mention that you found them through Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc..


Rob Hadley admin@vancouverhypnotherapy.org VancouverHypnotherapy.Org Here
Kary Blaney okblaney@gmail.com www.alignedhypnotherapy.com Here
Aigin aiginlarki@gmail.com http://www.aimhypnotherapy.com/ Here
Angie Bender angie@giraffepathhypnosis.com giraffepathhypnosis.com Here


Our therapists are backed up by an important aspect of our business that is often overlooked by other therapists. Our technology and administration team provides ongoing follow up to the therapy team. Our standard practice is to retain contact with a client for over five years through a structured follow up process.

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