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Below is an outline of the terms and conditions which apply to this website and the provision of hypnotherapy.

Therapy sessions and fees

Each session lasts approximately one hour and the fee per session is Can $175 unless otherwise noted. This may be subject to change from time to time, but any change in fees will be notified.


In the case of quit smoking sessions (Priced at Can $395), the session lasts between 1 and a half, and two hours. If you require a second session within 2 weeks of your quit smoking session, and have carried out the suggested activities to assist in your quitting smoking, there is no charge -however further sessions are charged at $175 an hour.


If you wish to cancel an appointment, or are otherwise unable to attend, you will need to give at least 24 hours notice, otherwise the full cost of the session will be payable.


Payment must be made by cash or cheque at the end of each session. You may pay in advance if you wish, should there be a fixed number of therapy sessions. All online payments should be processed before your appointment.


Any information collected from you as a client or potential client, including your contact details will be held in the strictest confidence except in the circumstances described in the full terms and conditions. The details that you disclose are used solely for the purpose of providing you, the client, with the highest levels of service. Your confidentiality and privacy will be respected at all times.


Standards of behaviour
During the course of any therapy sessions, Our therapists will treat you with respect and not abuse the trust that you put in us. In return, you undertake not to harm yourself, or any other person, including our therapists, or any property belonging to either us or any other person. You agree not to come to sessions under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, except those medications prescribed by your doctor. If you do come to sessions under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs or demonstrate violent/abusive behaviour, we reserve the right to cancel the session and refuse any further therapy sessions.


This website is provided for information only and is not intended to replace a consultation with your GP or other healthcare professional. The information on this website should not be considered as medical advice. If you have any doubts or concerns about your health, you should seek advice from a medical doctor.



Generally, we do not offer refunds. In limited cases there may be extraneous circumstances that influence the situation, in which case the situation may be reviewed.


Hypnotherapy is a joint exercise between therapist and client. As such the effort required is equal on both parts. We commit to providing services to the best of our ability, and far above the industry standard. Our intent is always to excede the standards of fairness that are generally considered acceptable.




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